Colorscapes is a bright and vivid breakfast set for the ones who want to create a healthy nutrition habit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the main source that prepare us to the day ahead.  One of the main aspirations of Colorscapes is to create a healthy morning routine to set a good mood for the whole day. 

Colorscapes breakfast set aims to remind people their happy breakfast memories with their loved ones. As we all have busy lives, the best times we get together with friends and family are holidays. And a seaside holiday in summer time is the perfect escape. This is the starting point for us to design a breakfast set.

Colorscapes’ main inspiration is the holiday time in the Mediterranean coasts. The design reflects the sea, sun, mountains and the nature with minimal shapes, and dynamic colors. This emphasizes the simplicity and tranquility of seaside. Colorscapes name comes from the words ‘color’ and ‘landscapes’ which reflects the design perfectly. 

The set consists of Turkish coffee/espresso cup, coffee mug and breakfast plate.
Design Director: Merve Okçu
Creative Director: Gizem Akdağ
Design: Gizem Akdağ
Photography: Gizem Akdağ, Haktan Aksu

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