Boldbooks is a renovative publishing house always in the chase of new ideas and audiences. As a forward-thinking publishing house, they are adaptive to the latest trends and situations. They wanted to reflect these key values in their brand new logo and visual identity. To achieve this, we designed a strong, noticeable, bold B letter that is inspired by the top view of an open book. 

Boldbooks has a dynamic company culture and a forward-thinking approach. So, the visual identity can be easily adapted to the various sizes of media, whether it’s a horizontal billboard or a vertical poster. To attract the young people; and encourage them to read, memorable slogans are used together with the logo.

A vivid, dark blue color is chosen to address inspiring, progressive minds. It evokes feelings of serenity, productivity, and calmness as well. Additionally, the distinctive logo allows it to be used in almost any color or material. This flexibility is intentional and crucial to capture the essence of various publications’ changing spirits.
Design: Gizem Akdağ
Art Director: Haktan Aksu
Design Director: Merve Okçu

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