Ahenk is a new brand in the food industry, aims to focus on boosting health with exceptional handmade recipes having only the most delicious and nutritious local ingredients. Ahenk is the formation of a women’s cooperative in Turkey. The word ‘ahenk’ means harmony in Turkish. The harmony stands for both the ingredients that make a tasty bite; and for the women from Syria and Turkey who make this brand possible. To reflect the handmade quality of the products; a contemporary stencil script font was chosen. Since the target audience is very young, a vibrant and attention-grabbing color palette was adopted. These vivid colors not only remind of the most delicious and healthy ingredients but also reach to target audience with a powerful message: ‘staying healthy is fun’. The visual identity of the brand is developed around the balanced use of abstract shapes with fun illustrations showing the handmade aspect of products.​​​​​​​
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